In Belgium, less than 2% of the tuners develop their own software. Most of them, including some famous names in the industry, buy the programs for the cars from big German chip tuners that are developing themselves. They do this because of 3 reasons:

  • First of all, few tuners possess the necessary knowledge to write software themself and to fine tune an engine perfectly (something not so simple with current environmental requirements).
  • Often they lack necessary tools, because for development much more is needed than a dyno, think of diagnostic equipment, exhaust gas analyzer, thermo-management software and models, canbus analyzers, microprocessor debuggers, etc. etc.
  • Finally, nowadays the price plays a major role and tuners choose more and more to buy a program and sell it as often as possible, they also save time and money because they do not develop themselve.

However, we believe that nothing tastes as good as the vegetables from your own garden, homegrown, checked, 100% fresh and without pesticides. Therefore we develop and test our own software. This is why we are always looking for the latest new cars and therefore rely on our customers and their friends.

What does this mean exactly? Below is a list of some new cars which we are still looking for, if you have a car and you can make it available, please contact us as soon as possible.

What happens to my car? It depends, sometimes we just need an original measurement of power on the dyno, this takes about 20 minutes and is of course completely free and you get to take the results home. Sometimes we need to do some tests for exhaust emissions before / after reprogramming, this often takes a full day and then we can compensate a very nice discount on the reprogramming.

Is there experimentation done on my car? No, certainly not, we don't do experimentation on our clients cars, we ask a befriended dealer for a demo vehicle :-). The tests we do are more fine-tuning and diagnostics, this process can be time consuming and therefore we ask for the vehicle to be available for 1 or more days.

Is your own car listed below, please contact us as soon as possible, because the first volunteer gets the extra discount.

No items found ...

  • Milltek
  • Forge
  • Sachs Performance
  • Mountune Performance
  • KW Suspensions
  • BMC Air Filters
  • Carbonio
  • Akrapovic
  • Ragazzon
  • Ferodo Racing
  • Red Bull
  • Cargraphic
  • Supersprint
  • Pipercross
  • RSR Spa
  • Remus
  • Armytrix
  • HRE
  • IPE Exhaust
  • Thor
  • RSR Nurburg

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