What is chiptuning and how does it work ?

Every injection engine is equipped with a computer-ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that controls the ignition, injection and air-fuel ratio. This ECU (computerchip) contains all necessary operating settings for the engine. We rewrite the data on this chip so that the engine benifits from an individually optimized operating program.

What kind of warranty is provided ?

5 years warranty on the proper functioning of our software.
Guaranteed power increase if the engine is in good condition.
5 years free new software if you get an update from the dealer.
5 year warranty that we put the car back to "normal" if desired (f.e. selling the car).
We guarantee an individual adjustment and thorough diagnosis of each car.
We guarantee that our software is completely developed by one of our qualified engineers.
We give 2-weeks money-back guarantee.

You can read all warranties in our terms and conditions.

What are the consequences for the factory warranty ?

The chiptuning is completely invisible for the dealers and there is no reason why the warranty would expire. We may also at any time undo the remap so there is no trace of it.

Most brands don't mind well-executed chiptuning as it does not have harmful effects on the car. There are even brands that sell tunings themselves.

Are there consequences for the insurance ?

Most insurance companies calculate their fees on the price of the vehicle, driver age, the sportiness of the car, but not the horsepower.

Are there consequences for the road taxes ?

No. The road tax is calculated on the tax horsepower and not on price.

How long does the chiptuning process take ?

After an appointment is made, we work on the car for about 2-3 hours, (note that some cars take longer) We individually adjust each car and often it takes several times before the result is perfect. We return the car when we are satisfied about the result, it should be perfect. Our customers are always welcome to stay and see what happens to the car.

Why does every car needs custom software and has to be tested on a decent dyno ?

Each engine is different, each injector is different, each turbo is different... Mass production = fairly large manufacturing tolerances. It just takes too much time and money to individually develop each engine. Because the manufacturers make those engines with positive and negative tolerances, they must also provide large margins in the software! If we take a look at them individually we can deliver a highly secure way a lot of horsepower and torque gain. Tuners that work with a standard tuning program don't get their extra horsepower not from fine-tuning, but simply from a greatly increased boost pressure, which of course is certainly not good for engine life! People sometimes ask how is it that tuner X has the same horsepower as tuner Y, but costs only half. Well the answer is simple, it's just a different tuning, which has the same horsepower, yes, but the difference lies in the reliability, drivability, fuel consumption etc. Cheap is in this case more expensive!

What are the benefits of chiptuning ?

- more fun
- safer overtaking
- more torque (caravan, boat, jetski, heavy load)
- lesser fuel consumption

What are the disadvantages of chiptuning ?

This may sound strange, but if you do it well, there are none !

Is chiptuning harmful for my motor ?

Our stage 1 remap is developed in a certain way that we always remain within the safety limits of the current car. A stage 1 is 100% reliable and we guarantee the same lifespan for this engine.

What if the car gets a software update ?

With newer cars it is possible they receive an update. If this happens you can rechedule and we remap the car based on the new software, ofcourse... Free of charge.

What is the difference between chiptuning and a power box ?

A powerbox is a small module that is connected onto the car's wiring system. By remapping the car we optimalise the software on the eeprom (chip). A powerbox just alters the value send at the engine ECU. In fact your "cheating" the chip. This isn't the correct way to tune a car and holds several dangers... that's why we don't sell it and you shouldn't as well :)

E85 is now possible but there are rules to follow ...

E85 or Super ethanol (Bio Ethanol) has the advantage of being offered very cheap in regards to normal fuel, however this type of fuel is not without risks for your engine if it is not equipped with an ethanol sensor. This sensor can measure in real time the level of E85 present in the tank and thus allow the ECU of the vehicle (Electronic Control Unit) to regulate the engine in achieving perfect and optimal combustion.Without the presence of this ethanol sensor, you take the risk of damaging or having a malfunction of your engine and/or other engine parts by mixing the 2 fuels simultaneously. (f.e. Difficult cold start procedure, engine misfires, knock, check engine light, etc.)

After several years of research and development, BR-Performance has developed an E85 conversion solution on certain engines with the installation of an ethanol sensor.These vehicles are therefore able to run on E85 or any other proportion while remaining reliable and efficient. 

Do not hesitate to check our tuning configurator to find out if your vehicle is eligible for our BRP FlexE85 * preparation.
(* Not all vehicles are eligible for this type of preparation. We are working to develop this type of preparation on other engines in the future.).

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